This is a very good source of information. Watch “Google Root Access: 3 ways to get developers to buy into your platform, …” on YouTube

Google Root Access: 3 ways to get developers to buy into your platform, …:

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Happy Asian New Year to all

I want to extend a wonderful Happy New Year to all.  My wife and I are traveling in Vietnam and today is the Tet Holiday.  We are not supposed to be working so I will be short.  Lots of things going on in technology for 2011.  I am back at my Blog with a renewed spirit and plan to keep rolling with updates on what I see in my minds eye for events in technology.

Cloud Computing is strong and many folks are trying to get their head around what this all means.  In the simple description working in the Cloud does not change too many things about what most folks do on their computer.  What will change is a little about how you do things on your computer.

Funtionality of all your data will be interacting with the Internet so that is the premise for all the Cloud mumbo jumbo, so you will have to be connected to the Internet even if it is only for a short time to sync what you have worked on and get your emails.  Most folks have the ability to connect with the iDevice of choice for me I use an iPad.  I am stating iDevice because there are so many ways to connect to your files having a traditional network at your home office can actually cause you to slow down a bit.

Here is a normal day in the life of an iDevice user:

1. get moving at o’ dark and see who has called on your phone of choice, 2. kick off your iDevice and check mail, 3. grab the file you worked on last and pickup where you left off, 4. check calendar events and activities – plan accordingly

Simple enough, the Cloud gives you the ability to work from any and I mean anywhere!  I am writing this blog from a small town in the flat lands of Vietnam where a few years ago having the Internet here was a pipe dream.  Remote workers now are everywhere and have the power of the home office for a very low cost.  How low of a cost…I have 80 Gig of data on my Google Apps site for 20.00/year, backup with a different service for less than 10.00/mo to Amazon data center.  Use one online to backup the other and if that is still not good enough I use a local system to backup my entire laptop to a local Network Attached Storage box as a last line of defense.

Happy Computing and consider the Cloud it is not as scary as you might think.  I am in process of writing an eBook to show you how to get from traditional network over to the Cloud or we can do IT for you for a flat fee… call for details or email me directly.

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