Hey it is SuperBowl Sunday

Well it is that time of the year when all Americans face off to choose sides and cheer for one team or the other in one of the most recognized American past times the NFL National Football League you can all the information you want on the main website www.nfl.com
If you are not near a television but have access to Internet you can even watch a streamed version online…the technology has come a long way from when I was a boy and we just got our first black & white television set.  Wow, I am officially dated.
So find you favorite snack food or local watering hole, meet up with friends or family and have a great day cheering on your favorite.  Hey if you don’t have a favorite look around the room see who has the most people and cheer on the other team.  It is one of my wife’s favorite thing to do. So we are here in Vietnam and my father in law is a big time Packers Fan.  I must say it was a treat when a great friend of mine was able to get tickets to a Packers NFL game in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The entire town must have been there…I still think it is a cult…lol
So Dep is cheering on the Pittsburg Steelers and my father in law and I are pulling for the Packers. No matter what the outcome this is a great time to get with friends and cheer on one of those teams.  One thing we know, in less than 24 hours one of those teams will be the Champ for this year of the NFL.
Have a great day and be sure to tell people you love and care about that you do care while you can.  You never know what tomorrow will hold in store for us all.
Be good and have a wonderful Superbowl Sunday!
Roger Swanson, HighTechLowTech (htlt@cneworks.com) www.cneworks.com
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Using Twitter Lists – quick how to

Hello to Everyone,

You have more than likely heard of Twitter it is a neat social media tool that you can post short comments, see what other friends and colleagues are doing and what they are posting.  Twitter has some other great things you can do as well.  Did you know that you could search Twitter just like you search http://www.google.com/ for information.  All you do is go to www.twitter.com and at the top there is a short search space you can look for topics that are interesting.  Hey give it a try it is really not hard.  You ever had trouble remembering a definition or a topic? There are a several web sites I use all the time http://www.dictionary.com/ and http://www.wikipedia.com/ both great sources of information.  A word of warning the Wikipedia site can be updated by just about anyone all you need is an account and you can make comments or start your own topics.  Don’t worry if you make a mistake most folks will be quick to send you a note of what the issue is with a post.  There are so many self-help sites out there it is really hard to keep track of them all.  I have found a few and stick with them.

Here is a neat tool for keeping up with others and you can even work in a Team for a small fee, http://www.hootsuite.com/ is a nice web tool.  I have had trouble getting it to work in IE9 (still in Beta).  I am sure once IE9 comes out of Beta Microsoft will have all the little code kinks worked out.  Give IE9 a try by going to http://windows.microsoft.com/ie9. If you are trying things in Twitter land give the lists a try.  Here is a quick explanation of how the lists work, I got this from the HootSuite site,  they are really helpful in getting your information stream going:

Create Twitter Lists

Lists are a native Twitter feature which helps you organize the people you are following from different parts of your social life. Lists can be public or private and can be used for any group you choose. For example, you can create lists for co-workers, best friends, hobby groups, brands, or fans of the same sports team.

– To add an existing Twitter list, add a new stream, choose the Lists tab and you’ll see any lists you own or are subscribed to.

– Don’t have any lists? No problem, lists are easy to create. Just add a stream, choose lists and fill in the name, description and url fields plus select public or private.

– For a fast way to manage your lists, click the Owl and choose Contacts. Select the related Twitter profile to see followers and lists. Then just drag and drop user avatars on top of the desired list.
More Owls
Did know that HootSuite is available for free on the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android mobile platforms? There is also a suite of desktop versions, browser extensions for Firefox, apps for Google Chrome, and other ways to integrate HootSuite into your work flow.

Best wishes to you on your Internet Marketing and Promotion…I call that iMarketeering…

Remember to treat people you care about really good you don’t know how many chances you will get to tell others you care about them.

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Today is the first day of the rest of your life

Good Morning to the Internet – Hello World,

I would bet you have heard the title phase before.

Today is the first day of the rest of  your life” – Charles Dederich.  This very popular blast from the past did culminated from the 60’s movement. It
has much basis in spirituality, recovery, forgiveness, and self-improvement

Well it is true.  Whatever you put off yesterday you can put back on the list today and find some time to think about, get back on track or at least do a bit more of planning to get back on task.

First of all “Hey what happened to yesterday?”  You are officially human, things happen, people interupt you and just when you think you have all of your plans in place something occurs that you never saw coming.

I found this web site and I just had to share this with anyone who is interested it’s called QuoteMountain, there are a lot of funny sayings to get your day off to a nice start.  I like this one so I will tell you it hit my funny bone.

You know there is a problem with the education system when you realize that out of the 3 R’s only one begins with an R.
Dennis Miller

So what were you thinking about yesterday…I was working on my eBook and figuring out the layout of the chapters.  I setup three free web sites and got this blog updated.  So not a bad start for getting my blog/web stuff back in gear.  Oh yeah those web site freebees find them at webs.com, viviti.com, wordpress.com these are great places to start if you want a free web site…it will take some work but not too bad for free.  If you just want your web up and running and don’t want to fiddle with the making it work stuff just give our office a call and we would be happy to setup your sites for you.  You can get email for 10.00/year at Google.com, setup all of these to be configured to talk to each other also.  Not bad for a couple of quick start tips for your web and blog stuff.

Hey enjoy the links if you want some help give us a ring check our our web site at www.cneworks.com, we have some flat fee packages if  you are interested for less than 99.00 / year to get all this setup for you.  We train you how to update your own site and turn you loose.  Need advance help with newsletters, email campaigns or understanding what the heck SEO even stands for?  Be watching as I build a “Do IT Yourself” program followed by “Ask for IT Help when you need IT Help“.

Be good to the people you care about and have a great day.

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Happy Asian New Year to all

I want to extend a wonderful Happy New Year to all.  My wife and I are traveling in Vietnam and today is the Tet Holiday.  We are not supposed to be working so I will be short.  Lots of things going on in technology for 2011.  I am back at my Blog with a renewed spirit and plan to keep rolling with updates on what I see in my minds eye for events in technology.

Cloud Computing is strong and many folks are trying to get their head around what this all means.  In the simple description working in the Cloud does not change too many things about what most folks do on their computer.  What will change is a little about how you do things on your computer.

Funtionality of all your data will be interacting with the Internet so that is the premise for all the Cloud mumbo jumbo, so you will have to be connected to the Internet even if it is only for a short time to sync what you have worked on and get your emails.  Most folks have the ability to connect with the iDevice of choice for me I use an iPad.  I am stating iDevice because there are so many ways to connect to your files having a traditional network at your home office can actually cause you to slow down a bit.

Here is a normal day in the life of an iDevice user:

1. get moving at o’ dark and see who has called on your phone of choice, 2. kick off your iDevice and check mail, 3. grab the file you worked on last and pickup where you left off, 4. check calendar events and activities – plan accordingly

Simple enough, the Cloud gives you the ability to work from any and I mean anywhere!  I am writing this blog from a small town in the flat lands of Vietnam where a few years ago having the Internet here was a pipe dream.  Remote workers now are everywhere and have the power of the home office for a very low cost.  How low of a cost…I have 80 Gig of data on my Google Apps site for 20.00/year, backup with a different service for less than 10.00/mo to Amazon data center.  Use one online to backup the other and if that is still not good enough I use a local system to backup my entire laptop to a local Network Attached Storage box as a last line of defense.

Happy Computing and consider the Cloud it is not as scary as you might think.  I am in process of writing an eBook to show you how to get from traditional network over to the Cloud or we can do IT for you for a flat fee… call for details or email me directly.

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